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The focus is on obtaining a baseline for our current environment regarding what elected positions are key to achieving our group’s goals.  Once the baseline is established, we will formulate and execute a strategy designed to secure and maintain those key elected positions with like-minded representatives that support and advance our objectives.  This will involve everything from basic research and data gathering to developing strategic relationships with influential individuals and groups.  The most immediate task at hand is assessing and securing a favorable School Board of Trustees.  If/when we have candidates that need to be elected to key positions, this committee will work on those election efforts.


The focus is on website content, interacting with the media, press releases, and focusing on getting our message out throughout PUSD and beyond.


The focus is on what is being taught in the "Ethnic Studies" and associated curriculum.  This will include an assessment and survey of the “who, what, when, why, and how” relating to this curriculum.  The immediate starting point is to ascertain who is directing it, who is teaching it, the criteria being applied, and the frequency.  Having people on the inside and behind the curtain is critical to this effort. 


The focus is on the various efforts going on across the County and the State against the vaccine mandate.  This committee will closely interact with the Legal committee will assist in legal filings and research to stop the vaccine mandate in PUSD.  To reaffirm our position, we are not against the vaccine, just the mandate. Each parent needs to make the choice for their child.

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