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PUSD Parents Activated



To give parents of K-12 PUSD students the right to choose whether to give their child the Covid-19 vaccine.  We are not an anti-vaccine group.  We intend to work together and with other like-minded groups (locally and state-wide) to fight the CA Governor's mandate to vaccinate our children in order to attend school.  All children should have on-campus access to education without discrimination... medically, religiously or racially.  We stand for Parents Rights.


Eliminate Equity/ CRT education that is being taught under the guise of "Ethnic Studies" and associated curriculum.  We intend to assess and survey how this is being taught without parental consent.  We want to work to understand the “who, what, when, why, and how” relating to this curriculum.  The immediate starting point is to ascertain who is directing it, who is teaching it, the criteria being applied, and the frequency.  


Formulate and execute a strategy designed to secure and maintain those key elected positions with like-minded representatives that support and advance our objectives.  This will involve everything from basic research and data gathering to developing strategic relationships with influential individuals and groups.  The most immediate task at hand is assessing and securing a favorable School Board of Trustees.  


We are a group called Activate Poway. We are parents from Poway and the surrounding areas that are tired of sitting and watching what is being taught to our kids in the Poway Unified School District and are getting involved. 

People from all over choose this school district for the quality education and it is time for PUSD to take the lead in this county. Our primary goal is to get education and what is taught to children, back in the hands of parents. We also want the mandates out of PUSD. What you do with your child medically should be a private family decision. This is NOT an anti-vax group, this is a freedom of choice group. One that is concerned with the direction the PUSD school board is heading. 

Now is the time to get energized, it is time to get involved. If you are tired of not having a voice locally, this is for you. We are not a group of talkers, we are a group of action. We are a group of parents that want the best for our children or grandchildren. 

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